Adam Di Marco

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman 

With over a decade of experience in property development and digital media, Adam brings a deep understanding of how data and technology can empower better outcomes for cities and communities.

Adam is the Founder and Publisher of The Urban Developer - Australia’s largest network of media, events, education and products for the property and urban development sector.

Adam remains active within the property industry as Managing Director of Brisbane-based private property development business Di Marco Group.

He has been a recipient of the Australian Institute of Management’s ’30 under 30’ Award, represented Australia at the Global Young Leaders Conference in New York and is currently an Ambassador for global microfinance provider Opportunity International.






Co-Founder & CTO 

CEO Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry co-founded Max Kelsen in 2015 to provide big data and machine learning services to clients large and small. In his position as CEO, Nick is responsible for designing and executing strategic vision, project design and management, fiscal and legal governance, and team building. Prior to this, Nick was consulting for companies across a range of industries to assist with their technology requirements. Nick holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics from the University of Queensland.

Nick has a broad range of expertise spanning business, economics, sales, management and law. Nick has a deep theoretical and applied understanding of cutting-edge machine learning techniques, and has been widely recognised as a domain expert in this field. He is a regular speaker at artificial intelligence meetups around the country, and also at conferences such as Gartner ITXPO, NSW Gov DC, Urbanity and IBM Think 2018.

Nick also co-founded CityShape in 2016, an application focused on aggregating property development planning data and serves as its CTO. Likewise, in 2017, Nick co-founded cognitiveCX, a platform for enterprises to analyse and process unstructured data from any source.




Lachlan Webb

Co-Founder & CMO

Having previously worked as a Marketing Consultant on city-defining projects in Brisbane, Lachlan then co-founded The Urban Developer and is now responsible for driving its digital strategy, community growth and product development.

With a background in product development, strategic marketing, user experience and branding, he has been instrumental in the strategic direction and execution of CityShape.

He is recognised as an industry leader in media, design and technology, as well as being a vocal advocate for sustainable development outcomes and medical research in the community.





Samuel Irvine-Casey

Co-Founder & CPO

Samuel Irvine Casey is the COO and co-founder of Max Kelsen and applies his knowledge in machine learning to develop solutions that allow clients to use their data to uncover insights, improve efficiency, or inform decision-making.

Samuel combines a background in law, finance and applied mathematics to bring a unique way of thinking to complex problems. Samuel is considered to be a domain expert in the implementation of machine learning solutions to enterprise and government, and is a regular speaker at artificial intelligence events such as Brisbane AI, Cognitive Melbourne and IBM Think 2018.

Samuel also has experience in project management and implementing machine learning solutions into custom software products through his role as CPO and co-founder of property development mapping startup CityShape in 2016, and COO and co-founder of cognitive customer experience platform cognitiveCX in 2017.