For South East Queensland property professionals looking for market intelligence, CityShape™ is an online mapping tool that provides access to hundreds of property-specific datasets for interactive, real-time and affordable insights.


About CityShape

CityShape™ is an online map-based tool that helps the property industry better understand and predict the future.

By bringing together hundreds of diverse sets of information into a single, simple-to-use interactive platform, CityShape™ provides users with the ability to uncover opportunities at every stage of the development lifecycle.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, CityShape™ allows professionals to find and track projects, identify properties for development and conduct research and due diligence.

CityShape™ brings the power of data to the people in a way that is beautiful, real-time, interactive and affordable.



How It Works

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Find and follow development projects

The Project Search function allows users to track new projects through design, planning, construction and completion. 

From property developers to product suppliers, CityShape™ allows the industry to stay up-to-date with market competition, supply and demand trends, new business opportunities and more.

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Explore suburbs at a glance

CityShape™ is the ultimate investigative tool for understanding what is happening within a particular suburb or area.

Users can simply overlay Project Search and Site Search functions whilst toggling interactive map layers that include zoning, underground services, topography, flooding, land cover, green space, CityShape Places and more.

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Find your next development site

Are you looking for a property that meets a certain size, location and planning criteria? 

Then look no further than the CityShape™ Site Search function that allows developers, investors, real estate agents and others to search properties by area, frontage, zoning, proximity to transport and more.



"CityShape now saves me countless hours a week as a developer, since I have signed up to the trial I find myself on the platform every second day. It is incredible the ease and speed I can explore market opportunities and my competition. Congratulations to the CityShape team and I look forward to you rolling out more features!!!" 

Jack Tarrant

Director / Sandbox Properties

Design manager / Yuhu Group

“CityShape is a highly effective and intuitive tool that assisted our company in identifying sites of interest and then easily determining any constraints of the site. I believe CityShape is a valuable tool for any property professional”


Jacob Fong


Fong Group

Meet The Interface



CityShape is used extensively by our team in providing strategic advice to our development clients

Sam Hatcher / Senior Directors / JLL Retail Investments