For Brisbane property professionals looking for market intelligence, CityShape™ is an online mapping tool that provides access to hundreds of property-specific datasets for interactive, real-time and affordable insights.


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How it works

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Find and follow development projects

The Project Search function allows users to track new projects through design, planning, construction and completion.


From property developers to product suppliers, CityShape™ allows the industry to stay up-to-date with market competition, supply and demand trends, new business opportunities and more.

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Explore suburbs at a glance

CityShape™ is the ultimate investigative tool for understanding what is happening within a particular suburb or area.


Users can simply overlay Project Search and Site Search functions whilst toggling interactive map layers that include zoning, underground services, topography, flooding, land cover, green space, CityShape Places and more.

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Find your next development site

Are you looking for a property that meets a certain size, location and planning criteria?


Then look no further than the CityShape™ Site Search function that allows developers, investors, real estate agents and others to search properties by area, frontage, zoning, proximity to transport and more.

Beautifully simple insights for Australian property

Powerful notifications

Add suburbs or projects to your watchlist and be sent email notifications when updates are pushed. It has never been easier to stay up-to-date with the market, your competition or an particular area.

Beautiful insights

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, CityShape™ provides the most granular and real-time information so you can make decisions with confidence.

Easy to use 

CityShape™ is simple, easy-to-use, intuitive and beautiful. Whilst the data may be complex, we have ensured the product experience is far from that.

Meet the interface

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