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Australian Property Insights for Business.

CityShape organises hundreds of real estate and property data sets across all sectors so you can assess and forecast opportunity with confidence.

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Project Reports

Generate project reports in seconds - with one click find out:

  • Project status
  • Dwelling count
  • Key organisations
  • Development plans
  • Sales history.

Suburb Reports

Get the big picture through comprehensive suburb reports that include:

  • Supply and demand conditions
  • Demographic analysis
  • Lifestyle indicators
  • Zoning layers
  • Transport locations
  • Underground services.

Real Time Data

We know it's much easier to make decisions with the right information. Our data is granular and updated by the minute to ensure you can move forward with confidence.  


Value for Money

By automating the data collection process, we have built an efficient platform that ensures you save time and money by eliminating staff and research costs. 



Conduct project due diligence, understand your competitors or find new clients with the click of a button. 


Full Picture

From project conception to practical completion, understand the entire development lifecycle with a holistic data platform for property.

CityShape helps business professionals gain actionable insights from 100s of Australian property data sets.
Find new opportunities, research your competition, understand new markets and conduct due diligence with one simple-to-use platform.
Share your findings with your team to move faster and smarter.
For users big and small, Australian property professionals use CityShape to ensure they are getting the information they need, first.

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